Volunteer With Us

We love to host both short-term teams and longer term volunteers. The work of our volunteers is incredibly valuable in helping to keep Homes of Hope running so that we can continue to support Fiji’s most vulnerable young women.

Short-term team visits

There are lots of opportunities for you to serve on campus. Depending on your skill set and expertise, your time here may be filled with a range of different tasks. From administrative and office work, to helping out on the farm, working with the construction team, or helping teach our mothers and their children, every set of hands is put to use where it is needed most.

And of course, spending time on campus will provide you the opportunity to get to know the mums and their children and be part of their journey.

Our short-term teams typically stay one to two weeks and we can accommodate up to 25 guests at one time in our campus guest houses (accommodation charges apply).

For more details, download the Team Info Pack.

To commit to your trip, download and submit the following forms to [email protected]:

Short-term team guidelines

Team Ministry Agreement form

Team details (this form can be submitted closer to arrival date)

Long-term volunteers

We have a number of dedicated long-term volunteers living and working at Homes of Hope. If you have a passion to serve, are committed to our cause, and have a skill set that is valuable to our development, we’d love to hear from you. The following skills are of particular need: IT assistance; secretarial; administration; social work; building maintenance; certified preschool teachers; grounds maintenance; animal husbandry; aquaponics; farming.

Long-term volunteers need to commit to a minimum three months stay and be at least 23 years old. There is a three-month trial period for those that wish to stay longer. During your time, you will truly become part of the Homes of Hope family. You will be rewarded with lifelong friendships and a lasting impact on the community.

Campus accommodation is available for women and married couples (no single men), or we can assist you in finding off-campus lodging. You will need to raise your own funds to support yourself while here.

For more details, download the Individual Volunteer Info Pack.

To apply for a long-term position, please submit the Individual Volunteer Application Form and your CV to [email protected].

Work from home

Can’t make it all the way to Fiji but still want to volunteer? We have a number of external volunteer positions that can be performed from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a bit of time and the passion to help us!

Read through our list of current vacancies, or if you think you can help in a different capacity please send us a proposal.

Preparing for your mission

Before you jump on the plane, here are some suggested readings that gives an idea what it’s really like to work on a mission in a foreign culture.

What do missionaries wish they had known before they first went?

Foreign to Familiar: A Guide to Understanding Hot- and Cold- Climate Cultures.

Please also take time to learn about the injustice of forced sex, the organisations that are fighting against it and what you can do to help. The more people that know about the problem, the more we can use our voices and our resources to stop the cycles of forced sex. Check out some of our favourite organisations to learn more: Shared Hope International; The Polaris Project; Love 146

Take a tour of the campus

Before your arrive, watch this video tour of our home.

Donate Items

If you are willing to donate household items, chances are we can use them! Take a look at our list of current needs on campus. We ask that you send items with an upcoming team or absorb the cost to ship them. Please contact [email protected] to arrange transport of the items.