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Help for HoH from Around the World

I absolutely love watching God move in people’s hearts, especially when it helps other people.

I was in awe last week as I watched God wrap the hearts of two women from different cultures and nations. HoH Fiji Ambassador for Donations, Mere Tora, and our New Zealand Ambassador for Departments, Pearl Harper, and I (United States) all talked over a cup of coffee of how God had spoken to each of our hearts to be involved with Homes of Hope.

Over the last couple of years, donations from the United States have dropped as the political and social climate have changed and Americans are focusing more on national issues. Thus, we are putting extra effort to get help from this side of the world – Fiji, Australia, and New Zealand. In addition to the churches and groups that have joined our fight, our new Ambassador Program has blossomed with key, amazing individuals joining our team in a volunteer capacity.

As you can see with the photo, Mere and Pearl became instant sisters and friends through their like passion for helping the women and children who have been victims of forced sex. The unique way He has prepared each of our Ambassadors for their role is nothing short of miraculous.

Mere was a Counselor for Fiji High Commission in New Zealand for several years as well as a Policy Analyst in the Office of the Prime Minister. Newly retired, her experience makes her ideal for Fiji Ambassador for Donations as she understands protocol and has wonderful connections in the Pacific community. Pearl ran her own catering business for many years thus making her the ideal Ambassador for Departments to help us run our kitchen and bakery with high standards and excellence.

Speaking on a personal note, pioneering the work of Homes of Hope has been exhilarating as well as exhausting. Some days (okay, some years) have seemed like we were all alone in this fight. There were times where we wondered how God would sustain this work beyond our time on earth. We are now so encouraged as these wonderful people are coming alongside to help carry the load.

Extending the challenge to you: please prayerfully consider how you can join the Homes of Hope family. We need you!


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