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Does this really happen in Fiji?

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

We will be sharing with you a series of clips from true stories over the coming weeks. Behind these stories are faces - real people, real lives, real trauma. We want you to be able to see these faces through their stories.

"I felt so betrayed..."

*Grace was 15 years-old, Form 2, her parents were separated, and she lived in a squatter’s settlement with her grandparents. A male cousin who always took her out in the night, arranged for her to go on a weekend trip to the west. Grace thought it would be fun. She was trapped and locked in a hotel room for two weeks while the cousin would arrange for men to come every day and use her sexually. She tried many times to run away but it was not until another cousin came to the hotel to visit her when she managed to run away.

Being sold and exploited by your own family member breaks levels of trust within an individual that sometimes can never be rebuilt. That exploited individual will carry that brokenness into her future relationships: marriage; parenting; friendships. Thus, the cycles continue.

Homes of Hope has worked with hundreds of young girls and women through the years. The vast majority of those individuals come from broken families. The problems parents face through adultery, divorce, abuse - will affect generations to come.

Fiji - fight for your families!!

To help Homes of Hope continue our work, please consider giving to:

Homes of Hope is currently working alongside the International Organization for Migration (IOM) with funding from the European Union to establish and coordinate a targeted NGO/CSO (non-governmental organization/civil society organization) task force for sharing best practice knowledge and skills, discussing the management of trafficking cases, developing a common monitoring framework for service delivery in Fiji, and coordinating advocacy and awareness campaigns in Fiji.


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