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Companies who want to become effective in today’s market make an impact with a double bottom line: profit and corporate responsibility.


Homes of Hope gains from companies who have a conscience coupled with action to make a difference. 



What is your expertise? What are your professional skills? Give your time and talents towards our many needs. Accountants, lawyers, clerks, bakers, gardeners, business people-each of you can be a great help to Homes of Hope!



Provide your employees with a unique opportunity to make a difference in the lives of survivors of forced sex and the issues surrounding it. Automatic payroll deductions can easily be set up through the accounting department. If each employee from a business or corporation gave 50 cents to $1 each week out of his/her earnings, collectively this would go a long way towards meeting the operational expenses of HoH.


Some of the examples from recent years are: frozen fish; toilet paper; groceries; toiletries; cleaning supplies; farm supplies, etc. 



Team building is at its best through volunteerism. Come with your office mates to donate time to a campus project; we can use painters, gardeners, those who can bring a brush cutter or power washer. Eat lunch at the farm or play volleyball after a hard day of work!


We look at corporate sponsorship as a two-way street where HoH gives proof of your corporate social responsibility through recognition on our website and social media in exchange for your investment. The payoff for the sponsor is a marketing win that impacts your bottom line and you will be known as a corporation that wants to make a difference. The payoff for HoH is help with our operating expenses.

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