Homes of Hope needs the help of volunteers. Individuals from within Fiji as well as from overseas bring such a richness of diversity, skills, and knowledge. Even though we eagerly seek our volunteers, our selection criteria is quite strict, simply because of our need to protect the vulnerable girls and children whom we serve.



It is an interesting phenomenon that often times individuals coming from the western world think that they are coming to Homes of Hope to give. While this is a noteworthy cause, these people don’t realize that they will end up going home having learned and received more than what they were able to give.


Most western countries are “cold culture”, task minded, fast paced. Fiji is a very “warm culture” where relationships trump tasks. Volunteers to Homes of Hope should come with an expectancy to learn – from the girls who show miraculous resilience, the staff who are incredibly patient and warm, and the people, protocols, and culture of Fiji.


We highly recommend any potential volunteer to read the book by Susan Lanier called, From Foreign to Familiar. We also recommend the book, Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger by Ronald J. Sider, as well as When Helping Hurts by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert.


Here is an application for people who live outside of Fiji who might want to come to help.

Here is a current list of opportunities on campus!


Many corporate and government groups come to the Homes of Hope Wailoku campus to volunteer one Saturday a month, a week’s time, or a one-off occasion. They are very fulfilled to see a job accomplished from start to finish, followed by free-time interacting with the residents, such as playing volleyball at our gym.

Opportunities abound for groups to come to HoH to power wash, brush cut, chop African tulip trees, work in the vegetable gardens, repair a bure, as well as many other numerous and vital tasks. What a wonderful way to build teamwork and create memories!

Toongabbie Christian School

Toongabbie Christian College from Australia. This year, the Toongabbie Christian School has assisted in farm maintenance and a complete rebuild of the sheep house.