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Giving of my time and skills to the girls at Homes of Hope has been such a rich reward for my family and myself. I have gained more than I could ever give.



Homes of Hope has many opportunities for people to volunteer. The residents are involved in a rigorous schedule Monday through Friday, but if you have skills that fit their established program, we welcome your help.

*Please note that a Police Clearance form will be required from you.


If you live overseas, you can offer to give of your services in many ways, such as: social media; web site review; fund raising; and so much more.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us at:   


Many corporate and government groups come to the Homes of Hope Wailoku campus to volunteer.

Opportunities abound for groups to come to HoH to: power wash; brush cut; chop African tulip trees; work in the vegetable gardens; repair a bure; paint buildings; general building maintenance; as well as many other numerous and vital tasks.


What a wonderful way to build teamwork and create memories!

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