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In the two dormitories and five independent ‘bures’, the campus supports a capacity of 45 girls, young mothers, and their children.

We offer many services:

  • residential dormitories

  • kitchen & dining hall

  • library

  • trauma informed counseling and interventions

  • transportation,

  • legal help

  • medical care

  • soft, hard & life skill training

  • and an early childhood school for their children where they are taught about safe and unsafe touch, basic literacy and numeracy.



       Perhaps the greatest service we offer is the sense of family, relationship,

                                 and belonging for each participant.


The Homes of Hope Objectives speak loudly of empowerment, strength, and thriving, The girl/woman is in charge of making choices towards her own healing.


Girls/women can choose to enroll at the Homes of Hope Campus Training Center to get a fresh start in life.


Initially, the girls are trained and equipped with soft and hard skills in a variety of tasks on a rotational basis. They then can

choose an area where they would like

further training.


When her program is completed and she

feels her progress has been successful,

she is now trained and equipped to

integrate and engage in the community

and its established safety net.

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