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In the two dormitories and five independent ‘bures’, the campus supports a capacity of 45 girls, young mothers, and their children.

We offer many services:

  • residential dormitories

  • kitchen & dining hall

  • library

  • trauma informed counseling and interventions

  • transportation,

  • legal help

  • medical care

  • soft, hard & life skill training

  • and an early childhood school for their children where they are taught about safe and unsafe touch, basic literacy and numeracy.



       Perhaps the greatest service we offer is the sense of family, relationship,

                                 and belonging for each participant.

Integrative Healing Therapies

Talk therapy is important to relieve isolation and provide connection but does not address the physical need for rewiring the brain. Talking can aid in processing trauma, but when talking about the event, survivors often go back to that traumatized state in their bodies. We cannot talk our way out of emotions.

Choices of integrative healing therapies should be presented to survivors so that all parts of their brains can be activated and healed, bringing survivors into the here and now.


Movement Therapy



Art, Drama & Dance


Counseling/Talk Therapy


Writing & Poetry

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