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After graduating from the initial twelve month training program on campus, girls are given an opportunity to apply to come back the following year for (five) six-month terms within our Emerging Leaders Internship Program. A total of twelve past residents are part of the program at any one time.


If their application is successful, they will either live on campus independently or travel back and forth daily from their own homes, all the while earning a small allowance.  This internship program is tailored specifically for young, vulnerable women who are given a choice whether to further immerse themselves in the art and science of bio-intensive gardening or to continue their baking skills.   


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The Emerging Leaders Internship Program

Beyond nurturing plants or baking baked goods, these powerful young women nurture their own growth, emerging as leaders among their peers, families, and communities. Equipped with newfound expertise and confidence, they stand poised to lead by example, empowering others to embrace self-sufficiency and sustainable living. 


Continuing to Strengthen the Whole Person

While the girls are with us on campus enrolled in the  Emerging Leaders Internship Program, we continue our work with them with trauma-informed Focus Groups as well as Inner Life classes where Christ is taught and discussed as He pertains to their lives today.

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The Freedom Scholarship

In February of 2024, we awarded our first Freedom Scholarships to four past residents. This scholarship is providing six months of training at accredited vocational schools for each of the girls. Additionally, the scholarship provided each girl with uniforms, stationaries, transport and meal allowances.

Homes of Hope will continue to walk alongside the girls to ensure they are equipped with marketable skills and the confidence to live the lives they choose. That is why it is called the Freedom Scholarship; it is one more step towards lives of freedom for each young girl.

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