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Breaking the Cycle

Out of all of the horrible stories that we hear from the girls and women with whom we work, there are also so many more stories of hope, restoration and strength.

A couple of years ago, the Department of Social Welfare referred a woman and her two-year-old child to our campus for care. *Lata had been a victim of domestic violence and sexual abuse and had been moving from house to house as no family would care for her. It was clearly evident that Lata's young son, *Ron, had symptoms of severe trauma. He wouldn't look people in the eye but instead would close his eyes and look away. He was always angry and would cry hysterically when his mother would leave his side. He preferred to breastfeed rather than eat. When Lata would get angry, she would take it out on Ron by hitting or punching him.

Within three months of being at HoH, Lata was given emergency surgery revealing that she had terminal cancer, and she soon passed away. Homes of Hope on-campus staff took Ron into their own homes for foster care while an adoptive family was found.

At the same time that Lata was dealing with her cancer, God had been placing the desire to adopt a little boy into the hearts of a beautiful, God-fearing family who already had children of their own. As they worked through the legal process of adoption in Fiji, God supernaturally bonded the hearts and minds of this family with little Ron, and he with them.

At this writing, Ron is a bit older, living in a different country, and flourishing with very few signs of remaining trauma.

Ron's story is being re-written as the cycles of abuse, rejection and trauma are now replaced with redemptive healing.

Please visit our website, Homes of Hope Fiji, to join our team through prayer, giving, educating others, visiting, or volunteering.


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