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27 years is a long time to be in operation.

Over the years, our learning lab has been the lives of over 1,000 children, young girls and women whom we have lived and worked with, as well as with the thousands within schools and communities.

As well, the world has changed greatly in the past almost three decades.

The world - and trafficking, and forced sex, and power imbalance, and gender inequality, and laws and policies - none of these are the same as they were when Homes of Hope began in 1996.

Previously, HoH had three listed objectives:

  • Rescue

  • Restore

  • Reintegrate

Our new, fresh language speaks loudly of empowerment, strength, and thriving.
The girl/woman is in charge of making choices towards her own healing.


Girls/women can choose to enroll at the Homes of Hope Campus Training Center to get a fresh start in life.


The girls are trained and equipped with soft and hard skills in a variety of tasks on a rotational basis. From this start they can choose an area where they want further training.


When her program is completed and she feels her progress has been successful, she is now trained and equipped to integrate and engage in the community and its established safety net.

Please listen to what a couple of our participants have to say about the change:

Resident 1
Download ZIP • 229KB

Resident 2
Download ZIP • 229KB

As is commonly expressed by our National Director, Turenga Nakalevu:

"I am so excited!"

Please visit our website, Homes of Hope Fiji, to join our team through prayer, giving, educating others, visiting, or volunteering.


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