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Protecting YOUR Child from being Trafficked - Who & Where?

Who is trafficking children in Fiji?

Is it all of the nasty people that Hollywood and Bollywood portray?

Is it organized crime?


You might be surprised who is actively trafficking boys and girls, men and women - right here in our home of Fiji.

· Neighbors

· Relatives

· Co-workers

· School friends

· Teachers

· Pastors/priests

· Government officials

· Expats

· Village leaders

· On-line predators

· Resort workers/owners

Okay, so now we have some idea of who might be involved in trafficking other people. But - where is this


Places where children have been recruited into trafficking in Fiji:

· Social media platforms

· Online chats

· Friends’ homes

· Parties

· School

· Beach

· Church

· Bus stand

· Villages

· Market

· Resorts

Here are a couple of stories from some very brave survivors of trafficking. These stories are true and they happened in Fiji. The names have been changed.*

Ana* was a 15-year-old whose parents were divorced. Her mother remarried and the stepfather rejected Ana, and she was forced out of the house. She moved in with an adult who was a sex worker. It seemed to Ana that this was the only way she could support herself, so she also became a sex worker. This adult arranged clients for Ana and kept most of the earnings.

When Ate* was very young her parents separated, so she went to live with an auntie. When Ate reached puberty, around age 12, the auntie began selling Ate to the neighbor men to be used for sex in exchange for paying the auntie’s rent and food. The auntie soon realized that she could be making even more money off Atelini by arranging wealthier clients – businessmen and government officials. This continued for several years until Ate had a child and could no longer “service” the neighbors. The auntie kicked Atelini and her child out of the house on to the street.

Rani* grew up hiding underneath her mother’s bed while the mother “serviced” her clients through prostitution. At the age of 14, Rani’s mother sold her to a man for marriage and took the profit of the sale and went to buy groceries. Rani’s new husband made her pregnant then disappeared, never to return. Rani entered prostitution to feed herself and her new child, being pimped by the “madam” of a local brothel.

Please take time to absorb these stories.

Imagine the horror that these children experienced, and the brokenness that still permeates their lives.

Notice the common thread of girls who were underage, came from broken families, and being used as currency.

It is our prayer at Homes of Hope that families in Fiji will work hard to develop and maintain healthy, loving, caring, nurturing relationships so that children will know they are cherished and that they belong.

If you need help in your marriage or in your parenting, seek help. Talk to a trusted friend, your pastor, Empower Pacific counseling.


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