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The Power of ONE

How many of us look for the big? Big numbers, big show, big effect, big results. It is fascinating to me that Christ didn't die for the big.

He died for me. The ONE.

He died for you. The ONE.

Yet, His act of sacrificial love for one has changed the course of humanity for eternity.

Homes of Hope was birthed from "the one"; following the Greatest Example that has ever existed.


That one street boy who begged us to take him home because he had no place to live. This little boy was the one who planted in our hearts that perhaps we could make a difference in Fiji.

That first resident whose mother sold her to a sailor. This young girl was the one who showed us how powerful the simple acts of love, care and belonging are to restore a broken human soul. Her individual needs have led to the establishment of each of the interventions, systems, programs, trainings and methods that Homes of Hope currently utilizes, 26 years later.

led to:


Our work with hot spot villages and informal settlements was birthed from trying to find a safe place for the original one to go to after she exited our care. It was at that time we realized that unless we were to help address the pervasive culture of silence, negative paradigms, and the taboo's surrounding all things sex and women, any girl leaving our care would not have a strong chance of continued success. The actions that we have since enacted to address these needs have been: the writing of multiple tool kits to be taught at the grass-root level, from the age of 3 years old up to grandparents; assistance with developing individual community action plans and referral pathways; community leadership trainings regarding forced sex, as well as hard skill trainings in - organic farming practices, food processing, baking, sewing - to help the communities to help themselves; and the formation of the National Taskforce to Combat Sex Trafficking in Fiji, comprised of a variety of other organizations throughout the nation so that collectively we can offer a wider and deeper reach of assistance and intervention.

which led to:


Then the community leaders, whom we had trained and equipped, began inquiring what to do with the victims and perpetrators they were beginning to identify. Homes of Hope has been honored to work alongside the Fijian government and other stakeholders to create a National Action Plan to combat sex trafficking as well as a National Referral Network.

which led to:


And from this work, Homes of Hope is compelled to reach the other South Pacific island countries to share any and all of our resources and knowledge, so that as a region we can join hands as a unified movement to protect, educate, empower and bring reform at every level.

Today, there is an army of young women and children, families, community and village leaders, faith leaders, early childhood teachers, organizational leaders, national leaders, and reg - who are now empowered to raise their voices.

And it started with one.


Please visit our website, Homes of Hope Fiji, to join our team through prayer, giving, educating others, visiting, or volunteering.

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MattandAubrey Grieser
MattandAubrey Grieser
Apr 15, 2023

Wow! This is a true testimony of loving who God brings in front of you, and how it can one day lead to a nation changed!

We love you Homes Of Hope!

So excited to see what is next for you!

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