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WHAT are "push-pull factors"?

There are common factors that can cause a young person to be trapped in commercial sexual exploitation (CSEC) and trafficking. These factors are similar across the globe - they may take on different forms and shapes, but they remain the same.

Some of these factors "push" a person towards sexual exploitation and trafficking, and others "pull" them into it.

Typically, a push factor is so ugly that the person is pushed to get away from it. Pull factors are things that are attractive and people are drawn to it.

The NUMBER ONE push factor that Homes of Hope has seen throughout almost three decades of work is . . .

problems within the family:

  • broken family

  • absence of a parent

  • rejection by a step parent

  • relatives selling the child

  • abuse: physical; mental; sexual; emotional

  • rejection

  • neglect

  • abandonment

  • forced marriage

  • lack of family support

  • sex worker in the family

Should these facts cause guilt and shame? NO!

Should these facts alarm us and cause us to act? ABSOLUTELY!

Each of the factors listed above can cause an individual to:

  • be vulnerable

  • suffer long term mental and physical health struggles

  • have suicidal and self-harm tendencies

  • fall prey to those who exploit and/or traffic

We must break the culture of silence and discuss sensitive issues surrounding marriage and family.

Families/parents: seek help if you need it. Empower Pacific offers wonderful, free counseling services; the church pastor or a trusted friend can provide a listening ear and direction...

Faith leaders: teach on marriage and the family; provide small groups where people can learn, discuss and confide; offer counseling...

Friends/relatives: be there to encourage and support; offer to watch a couple's children so they can take time to repair their marriage...

EACH of us: be ready and willing to report cases of abuse or neglect.


Department of Social Welfare: 331.5585/330.4466/331.5931

Empower Pacific: 665.0482/831.8515

Fiji Women's Crisis Centre: 331.3300

Human Trafficking Unit: 331.5599 ex 325.333

Fiji Police Emergency line: 917/919

Toll free Child Helpline: 1325

Toll free National Domestic Violence Helpline: 1560


Please visit our website, Homes of Hope Fiji, to join our team through prayer, giving, educating others, visiting, or volunteering.


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