To bring necessary life change, there are three threads of learning: mothering, inner life, and financial independence. Being able to stand financially independent is critical for most of our girls to be free from those who have exploited them.

A girl’s financial independence is critical to her freedom.

Therefore, Homes of Hope offers various training opportunities to girls and young mothers:

  • The girls and young mothers can attend networked training institutions where they may obtain certificates.

  • We are training girls to be smart money managers and capable entrepreneurs using hands-on training and cash-in-hand practical business processes.

  • Five learning labs are on the residential campus: bakery, guest house, farm, sewing, and marketplace.

  • While the mothers are learning, their children are cared for in the Early Childhood Centre gaining cognitive development through basic literacy and numeracy and appropriate social behaviour.


The bakery is a wonderful training area for our residents who wish to work in the food industry. The bakery allows them to develop skills such as keeping the bakery clean, understanding how to bake different sweet and savoury foods, measuring quantities, and pricing products to sell.


These are all skills that are used in everyday life, and our bakery allows them to have hands-on practice. The bakery also allows a girl to learn business processes, marketing, and salesmanship. Learning to “get out there” is an important and empowering life lesson.



For those looking for accommodations away from the typical tourism areas, our Guest Houses are a perfect fit. Working at our guest houses allows girls to be trained in common day-to-day skills in the area of hospitality. Our residents gain skills in improving their English, interacting with and addressing visitors appropriately, making a bed properly, and cleaning and maintaining a home. 

The guest houses provide a great “real life” experience in hospitality and housekeeping. This experience has allowed many of our girls to find employment in Fiji’s tourism industry.



Homes of Hope practices and teaches sustainable farming techniques. Girls are able to learn vegetable gardening using the resources found right on campus. For example, our sheep and chicken feed comes from grasses grown on the land. The sheep manure is used to fertilize the gardens. The same cycle of integrated farming is used for the tilapia ponds and chickens. Each of these skills teach a process and system that can be used for all agricultural pursuits.

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