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Updated: Oct 16, 2020

*Sally was 16 years old, attending Form 3, and living with supportive parents who sent her to school. One school day, Sally met some of her friends and they decided to skip school so they could go to town. Sally began lying to her parents as skipping school became more frequent. One weekend, Sally and her friends went to a night club where they were kidnapped and put into a mini van and taken to the west. The kidnappers kept three of the girls in a house for almost two weeks – many men came in every day to have sex with them. At the moment when two more girls were brought to the house, Sally and her friends managed to run away.

One of the push factors that contributed to Sally being trafficked was peer pressure. Parents need to understand how strong of an influence a child's friends play in their decision making. This is all the more reason that it is crucial that parents remain active participants in their child's life and ready listeners.

To clarify how this story was domestic trafficking, let's match the story to the definition of trafficking:

  • ACT - kidnapping;

  • MEANS - by force;

  • PURPOSE - exploitation.

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Homes of Hope is currently working alongside the International Organization for Migration (IOM) with funding from the European Union to establish and coordinate a targeted NGO/CSO (non-governmental organization/civil society organization) task force for sharing best practice knowledge and skills, discussing the management of trafficking cases, developing a common monitoring framework for service delivery in Fiji, and coordinating advocacy and awareness campaigns in Fiji.


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