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Is this considered sex trafficking?

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

For someone to be considered "trafficked", the following must take place:

Let's look at how this young girl was trafficked domestically in Fiji in the following true story:

*Fiona was 13 years old, Class 7, living with her parents in an informal settlement; her parents were not educated or working. On her way to school one day she met a taxi driver who offered to drive her to a nearby town – “just to give her a ride”. He ended up taking Fiona to several night clubs, forcing her to have drinks at each place. He then arranged for her to stay in a guest house where she was locked up for one week. The taxi driver would arrange for men to come in and rape her every day; she received nothing.

It is a well known fact that a large percentage of pimping and domestic trafficking is done or arranged by Fiji's taxi drivers. Homes of Hope encourages the Fiji Taxi Association to educate taxi drivers nation-wide on sexual exploitation and trafficking as well as the legal implications. We also urge for strict, frequent vetting of all drivers.

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Homes of Hope is currently working alongside the International Organization for Migration (IOM) with funding from the European Union to establish and coordinate a targeted NGO/CSO (non-governmental organization/civil society organization) task force for sharing best practice knowledge and skills, discussing the management of trafficking cases, developing a common monitoring framework for service delivery in Fiji, and coordinating advocacy and awareness campaigns in Fiji.


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